During loading it shows webpage not found

ello Admin if you see this plz i want to say that I am a student of B.tech CSE first year and i belonged to poor family. I donot have enough money to upgrade my hosting to a paid mamber and i also don’t have any pc. I created my site with mobile i want to be a developer so this site matters for me. My Domain is Amsim.ga i want to say that whenever i try to install plugins and other things than during loading it shows webpage not found. Plz i request you plz do something so that i will not face any loading issues. I know you are doing the best work of providing free hosting it helps for like me kids , plz do something …

It’s working on my end
(but I’m not happy with the time it takes to find your domain plus error 502 sometimes)

so please have a little patience https://infinityfree.net/support/why-doesnt-my-domain-work/

if this what I see is correctly you missed to add a DOT!

but leave it as it is !
if you do not want to wait for DNS propagation again

If your domain goes through DNS Propagation and if it is visible from your device right now then you do not have an issue related to DNS Propagation right now.

What I do see is that your website returns a “502 - Bad Gateway” error.

As you said “plugins” I suppose your website uses a WordPress installation as Its primary software.

If so, this article might list a solution that will help you get your website back up, reachable How to Fix the 502 Bad Gateway Error in WordPress

Thanks for the support guys…

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Is it working now?

Right now your website is returning an empty error.

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