Elementor widget pane keeps loading with Woocommerce enabled

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If I have Woocommerce enabled, whenever I try to edit a page with elementor, the left pane keeps loading (greyed out, with a revolving reloading icon in the centre). If I disable this plugin, then everything works as intended.

Followed this article but cannot change the php memory limit.

Please guide me on how do I use the woocommerce plugin within these contraints.

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Want to make an product page on the website.

It sounds like you are using too many resources at once.
Wordpress is already heavy software, and when you add Elementor, it becomes even heavier. Here, “heavy” means resource intensive.

I think you need to find some other way to edit the theme or upgrade to premium. There’s really no way to solve this in free hosting besides using something else.


The PHP memory limit on free hosting is set to 128 MB and cannot be increased. Please keep in mind that this is free hosting, and we cannot just give away tons of server power for free.

Elementor and WooCommerce are both really heavy plugins (the article says this as well), and you need quite beefy hosting if you want both of them to work well.


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