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I cannot edit my Home page with Ellementor. All the time, when I hit Update button , I get 500 Internal server error.

I increased the WP memory in the web.config, but it didnt work.
Please help me with this issue,.

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You cannot change the memory data that you are allotted, so that did not do anything.

Turn on PHP errors in the control panel (Under Alter PHP Config) to see the real error.

Note that elementor is not recommended here since it uses many resources.


maybe something of what is stated here helps


Thank you both for your replies. I did turn on the php errors, but I do not understand much and was not helpful for me.
What I did was to install WP Optimizer, and it cleaned the revisions of the site. That fixed the issue. Although I set a limit of revisions before that in config file, it didn`t work.
Thank you again, I am fighting with this problem 3 days now…
I will consider escaping from Elementor in the future. Which else would you recommend?

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Maybe we can make sense of it and give you some actionable information on how to solve it?


Yes, thank you, I will keep in mind in future. I guess that was just the start of the problems :slight_smile: It was really a problem of the memory I guess, there were too many revisions saved and that costs Elementor not to update. I solved it with clearing all that with WP Optimizer plugin.
Thank you for the quick reaction!

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Same happened to me, WP Optimizer really works but sometimes if you use a woocommerce plug-in you should edit website with this plugin disabled because Elementor crashes with some kinds of plugins, so if this happens again try edit website with them desactivated, just activate elementor and plugins that are necessary to you work. I hope this helped, thanks!


thank you!

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