Elementor /server error 400 / past due actions (cron?) / can't update/ backup /

Hi! Today is not my day, I just had to make some final touches on my web page, and I faced problem after problem. I’ve spent hours searching for information. It’s my first experience with Wordpress, I hope you can help me.

  1. I was using elementor on my page, I changed the animation on a button and soon after I got “server error 400”, and couldn’t update the changes. I reloaded the page, and started again, and Elementor got stucked loading every change I tried to make. And got error 400 again when hitting “update”. Yesterday I’ve notest that elementor was taking more and more time to perform the changes I was making when editing, but today it never got to make them. Just in case I’ve deleted all the images I wasn’t using on my library, and deleted cache of all my pages, and deleted the pages I didn’t need. Actually is a very small website, just one page, and a couple more for a form and bio.

  2. I also went to my wordpress to update, or deactivate, or delete plugins I dind’t need and there were some plugins that needed update, but the update failed for each of the plugins. The message is: “Failed update: Failed download fopen(/tmp/es_ES-t3wQkl.tmp): Failed to open stream: No such file or directory”.

  3. Then I saw a message up: “19 past-due actions found; something may be wrong”. I don’t know if there is a problem with cron, so I searched and found some solution on the net, but I need to backup first. So…

  4. When I installed WP I accepted and installed the Backuply plugin. So, I tried to use it. I set it up to make the backup on my google drive instead of the local backup. But it gets stucked at 17%. So I found a solution but I need to check the PHP memory limit, and I need to find “Multiphp INI” on my cpanel to do it, but I don’t have it!

Help please!

The adress of my page is https://bombasonora.wuaze.com

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Your page is working fine for me, but please read this article for more information.


Sorry, I’ve searched on the forum before posting but it seems I missed it. And yeah, the page is working, but I can’t keep working on it, it’s not finished.

I hope the admin manages to solve it soon! Thanks for you answer.

Elementor is known to break on free hosting due to resource intensive requirements.

There is no cron on free hosting

Do it this way instead


My website is also working fine but I can’t update anymore.
I hope The admin panel fixes the problem ASAP

My website- https://sarafathabib.com/

Why not? What issues are you having?


Thanks for your response. Everything is fine now😍

Elementor is known to break on free hosting due to resource intensive requirements

Even Elementor free?

There is no cron on free hosting

When I installed WordPress there was a check box to enable cron. I left it marked on “enable”.

Do it this way instead

Ok, thanks for the advice and your answers.

Yeah @Sky-45 , because of the limited resources of free hosting.


At least we get to host our sites for free, lets be grateful for that buddy :smiley:


You’re right! What builder is best for using with free hosting then? Beaver lite maybe? I don’t know css coding.

I guess it’s for users to get hands-on with little projects to feel like, how the builder works. But in my experience, having knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS is essential for web development. You don’t have to be an expert in those languages, but learning the fundamentals will be a strong arm for you.


There is an option that says “Disable WordPress Cron”. Negative options are always confusing, so to be clear, this box should NOT be ticked.

Elementor is a very heavy, demanding plugin. Whether you’re paying for Pro features or not doesn’t fundamentally change that.

I’ve never heard of this Beaver Lite plugin. I’ve been told that Divi is a little bit better than Elementor. But the most lightweight option is always to simply stick to the built-in Gutenberg editor. Kadence Blocks is a pretty lightweight addon to add a bit of extra flexibility to your site.


Thanks for your insight!

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