Elementor Pro activation failed

The link to activate Elementor Pro on the website is blocked


Elementor free works as expected, the activation link for Pro is blocked, seems to be blocked server side

Are you using nulled software?
Take note this is against TOS.


Maybe try asking Elementor about this? You’re paying then at least $49 for the software, so they should be able to help you activate it. Keep in mind you’re paying us $0.

Considering that, if you’re willing to spend money on your site, I strongly urge you to consider upgrading to premium hosting as well. It would be a shame if your expensive website isn’t working well because it runs on free hosting.

And if you didn’t pay for the Pro license, then the cracked code you’re using is broken. Go tell the code thief that their crack is not working, and while you’re at it ask them for tips for hosting providers that allow illegal software, because we don’t.


Hi, thank you for the info; the Elementor license is legit, the Expert package with 25 licenses. I have upgraded the hosting plan and still gets blocked when I try to connect for the activation

If you upgraded, then please ask the question somewhere else.

If you’re having trouble activating the Elementor license, please also ask Elementor about this. It’s their code that’s not working. and although it may not be their fault, they may still have an idea as to why this happens.

And if you upgraded your account, then please note that the premium hosting is not provided by InfinityFree but by iFastNet (so you can/should ask them for help), and that your account will need to be migrated to premium hosting to get the benefits of the premium account.


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