Elementor plugin

my elementor panel is not working
and is either continuously loading or displaying server error

Please reinstall the Elementor Page Builder or roll back to the last version. Elementor sometimes has issues like this.

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the elementor i am using in my domain is working correctly
but when i want to edit a page in my subdomain thats where the elementor doesn’t work

Yeah. Exactly. Its not a hosting issue. Its a Elementor issue. Thats why I said reinstall Elementor or rollback to a different version.

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let me try to do so

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k keep me updated.

I have deactivated it then deleted it. i have then installed and activated it back but still not responding

Did you try rollback?

i dont know how to…

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Go to Elementor > Tools > version control >before that Go to Elementor > Tools > General > regenerate all files or if it doesnt work try the roll back.

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i just rolled back but now my page has lost the option of edit with elementor

Which version?

this is how it looks like when i want to edit with elementor now

version 3.0.8

Do you have any posts / pages that is important and has to be backed up? Back it up via softaculous and try reinstalling WP from the dashboard.

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when i click on “re-install now” on wordpress
it tells me “the link you followed has expired please try again”

Try it via softaculous

i did exactly that but it is now displaying “this page is not woking”

this is where it takes me when i want to edit my website
what should i do now

Are you using cloudflare? then:

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