Elementor not working

Website URL - https://www.food-ing.site

Error Message - I tried all possible ways but elementor is not working…Last i opened it around 1week back and I tried opening it today but it’s not working

Someone Please Help Me as fast as possible.


Please note that Elementor is a very complex and demanding plugin, and our free hosting doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements that Elementor prescribes. You can try to use it, but we make no guarantees that it will work well, or at all, on our hosting.


So please atleast recommend some plugin which will meet ur system requirement

The free sitebuilder and WordPress’s basic/classic editor (whatever the default one is called) work here.


I don’t have experience with any.

And please keep in mind that we only provide web hosting, it’s your responsibility to build a working website on it. We don’t make WordPress or any plugins or themes, and it’s not our responsibility to ensure that plugins exist for any particular CMS that provide specific functionality. And no, just because we provide helpful tools, like Softaculous to install WordPress, those are provided as a courtesy, and it doesn’t mean that we’ll take responsibility for making your website work. In the end, it’s your site, and it’s up to you to choose what functionality you want, which software provides this functionality and what hosting can support this software.

That said, I’ve been told Divi works quite well and is a lot more light weight. Free hosting doesn’t meet all their system requirements but the requirements are lot lower, so you may have more success.


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