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The issue is elementor loading problem. I tried enable in safemode but it didn’t worked for me.

The elementor blog is saying something like increase limit to 256M

I tried with the given code in the with the youtube in the wp-config file. But no use. It is showing loading error again.

Please help me with this. Below is the elementor link which they said to ask your hosting provider to increase limit to 256M and to do some changes or upgrades. I didn’t know what all those things because I’m new to web development. Thanks, please solve the Issue. ASAP.

(please share the FULL error message you see)

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Safe Mode Activation Isn't Solving My Problem | Elementor

Elementor does not work well on free hosting. If you insist on using it, please upgrade to premium hosting

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Then tell me which widget work on it well

Most of us know stuff about web hosting, but aren’t experts on WordPress or Elementor. All we’ve seen is that Elementor is quite a heavy plugin and many people trying to use it on our hosting experience loading issues.

I’m personally note quite sure why exactly this happens. It could be the memory limit (we’ve set it to 128MB, which is too low according to Elementor’s system requirements), but I’ve never been able to confirm this for sure.


Could you increase the limit or tell me which plugin should I use.

It’s best to use no plugins at all, and just use the default classic editor (or whatever it’s called).


Please send me the link of Classic editor to design the website, if you have.

Its the default one that comes pre-installed with WordPress.


Classic Editor is yet another plugin: Classic Editor – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org. As it is the editor that was in older versions of WordPress, it’s going to be a lightweight plugin, but it’s a bit lacking in terms of features.

The built-in editor of WordPress, called Gutenberg, should be fine for most use cases: feature rich but still fairly lightweight.


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