Elementor loading forever

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When I try to go to pages and edit a page with elementor it just keeps loading forever

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From what I know the Memory limit is 128M by default so it shouldnt be the problem

If you search "Elementor Loading on the forum, you will see there are many other users like you who experience the same issue.

Elementor is a heavy plugin and it is very resource intensive for free hosting. InfinityFree servers do not meet the minimum system requirements for Elementor, so for this reason it is not advised to be used here.

There are other alternative plugins that you can use, or you can just use the default WordPress editor.

Ignore the sections about PHP and memory


sorry to be more accurate im stuck on this screen:

i can still move and scroll but cant update anything. if it really is because of the free hosting are there good alternative for elementor? thanks

As @XInterverse said this whole elementor thing is too heavy and cannot be loaded on free hosting.

However you can still be more clear by telling whether this is a plugin on your site or it is an outside site builder.

I would say it’s because of Elementor, which is big, bloated system with really high system requirements as a result. But if Elementor needs big hosting and free hosting isn’t big, then you can decide for yourself what’s the “cause” of the issue.

I’ve heard some people talk about Divi, which has much lower system requirements than Elementor does.


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