Elementor just doesn't work no matter what I do

So I want to make a portfolio website. I want to recreate and host a few of the websites that I have created in the past that are not online right now. The problem is that I have created 3 websites with ease and no issues. But I just cannot make a 4th website. Elementor control panel is always white and is constantly loading, it won’t let me edit. I have used the same theme to try to make another website and Elementor just doesn’t want to work. I have tried to test out different themes as well. I have created new websites for testing like 6-7 times already, Elementor just doesn’t want to work. Why is that? Please help me fix this. Or is this intentional? Like there is a limit to how many websites I can make?

Here is the link to a website I uploaded using FTP. https://aliportfolio1.42web.io/agencyonum
I have deleted all of the other test websites on which I was trying to see if elementor works. So, I only have this one for the time being.

Elementor is not working good on the free hosting because it takes a lot resources, you better use gutenberg, and gutenberg plugins. Note spectra(gutenburg) is also taking alot resources. And the speed time of the website increases. You can use lightweight plugins like stackable.


Hmm. I can understand that. But I have another question. How was it possible before that I could make 3 websites with zero issues? Elementor was smooth and snappy.

I agree but note that they updated it alot since then, they integrated also AI IF IM NOT MISTAKEN, SO IT’S takes even more resources than before.



  • AI is only available on their hosted services, not their builder for self-hosted WordPress.
  • The AI features would connect to an external AI service to work, not run locally on web hosting. Either using OpenAI API’s, or infrastructure from Elementor itself.

To use generative AI, you need powerful GPUs. You cannot run it on a standard server, let alone a web hosting account. And getting that kind of hardware for some occasional writing assistance on a single website would be tremendously wasteful.


Addition moment:

I agree that Elementor can be good and intuitive, but only when it works. And as you just see, it doesn’t work. I don’t know how that would make it “smooth and snappy” to you.

So just use gutenberg.

No. It’s quite common for WordPress plugins these days to have AI features in it. The second part is indeed correct, but that doesn’t make it “only works on the managed version”.