Elementor is not loading

Whenever I edit something with Elementor, this problem comes in front of me and when I enable it, “an error occurred” comes. I have done everything, deactivated all the plugins, changed the theme, tried changing some settings of elementor, But the same problem is still visible. When I contacted my domain provider(GODADDY) and told him the problem, he said that there is a problem with the server of your hosting. can anyone help me.

This could be an Elementor problem.
You should try using something else or edit something else that does not corrupt WP.

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Nevermind. Just a plugin problem. Look for better alternatives.

I see you’re using both Cloudflare and WordPress. If so, please make sure your website is setup as described in this article. If you don’t it tends to cause a lot of weird issues, possibly including this one:

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