Elementor doesn't open

When I open wordpress and go to the elementor edit, it doesn’t open the site editor (

What can I do ?
My domain: dascalualexandru.me

Hello there,

Did you try to troubleshoot the issue as what that pop-up notice says in the right bottom corner?
It said that maybe some of your plugins and themes are causing the issue.

Also could you please check their documentation:

ok, but when I open wordpress into my admin account is shows only the text

Either your site didn’t load properly which you’ll just have to refresh the page or some plugins and themes that you’ve installed caused the issue in which you’ll have to manually disable them one by one to know which one is causing the problem.

I saw that wordpress got an update.I tried to install it, but it said that was unable to find a folder.I refreshed and now it shows me this all the time.3 times I got the site to work properly but now its all the same.

Then that means the Update has failed and caused this damage to your site. That’s why it’s better and recommended to take a backup of your site before trying to do something else like updating it. The only solution I know how to fix this is to reinstall a new fresh copy of WordPress either via Softaculous or manually through FTP.

If you want to install it manually through FTP, you may want to read this KB article:

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But It will delete what I did already on elementor ?

Most likely that would happen as you would have to delete your current WP site. Sorry.
I’m not sure if there is any other solutions but this is what I could only think of.

Ill try to use (How to Migrate Your WordPress Site With Elementor » Elementor), because I got the wordpress to install the plugin thats needed

I solved it, if u have the same problem dezactivate and delete elementor and then just install and activate it back


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