Elementor doesn't load

I have installed WordPress on my website and I installed the elementor plugin on it but it doesn’t load as a screenshot it keeps loading I tried to open safe mode and tried to enable Switch Editor Loader Method nothing worked

I just installed and activated elementor plugin on wordpress here on infinityfree but wasn’t able to regenerate your issue. So, my guess is you might be using old or corrupted version of elementor.

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Do you happen to use Cloudflare, and use their Automatic HTTPS Rewrites? Because that has the tendency to cause weird issues like this. Instead, you should configure WordPress and Cloudflare like this:

I would have checked this myself, but since you didn’t provide the details asked in the topic template I can’t do that.

it worked thanks

but I have a question can’t I use https with WordPress??

only if you have SSL installed + try really simple SSL plugin it will re-write all the HTTP links to https + also change your site URL from HTTP to https in wp-admin → settings

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You can, but you need to tell Wordpress that is what your doing.

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