Edit backupinfo file in softaculous

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Username: epiz_30777309, Website URL: refri.xyz
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I want to restore a backup file on a new server. But I don’t know how to restore it properly. Start from editing backupinfo file and updating serialization count.
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Since you did not write clearly,

  • So you already have a backup?


You can ask your new server/host to assist you then.

I’m still using infinityfree as new server, But difference is in the account

This should serve as a guide

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In softaculous docs, there is a way to backup and restore, but I hardly understand how to editing backupinfo file and updating serialization count

Where are backup info and

Idk much about that, django - How serialize count() from sql query to JSON - Stack Overflow

Inside backup tar file

Are you backing up wordpress?

Softaculous has backup and restore features, but their have a custom format for doing backups. So you can load a Softaculous backup into Softaculous to restore it, but not import backups from other systems.

I also don’t know exactly how well that backup feature works here. We have a more or less custom implementation of Softaculous and I don’t know if all Softaculous features work properly.

What did you use to create your backup? If you just have an archive of the files and a .sql dump, I would suggest following this guide instead:


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