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I basically have the same question that @ZekiXerxes asked about 3 years ago about the best ecommerce platform to use here. Here is his topic’s content:

I have similarly been suspended due to WP (And it’s too big & slow anyway), and OpenCart need external directory permission. I have searched softaculous (For hours (Literally hours)) but everything looks old-fashioned, or doesn’t work. The only real requirements I have are:

  • Works on IF duh
  • Looks modern Like OpenCart or WooCommerce
  • Has SMTP support So mail is actually sent
  • Allows product options (Dropdown and Text field) Like size, custom text field
  • Is customizable in CSS and/or HTML/PHP Even if it’s just a .css file somewhere

If anyone could help me out on this that would be wonderful!

I did some searching, and couldn’t really find much that works on free hosting.

I don’t know how well they suit your needs, but here s what I did find.


Older versions of PrestaShop still work on free hosting, according to this forum post:

Using older versions of software isn’t really a good thing, as It may have security issues and may become outdated after a while, but it’s the best I could find.

**2. **

SnipCart. I found snipCart, and while they do have a free plan, they take two per cent of your revenue, if you make over $629CAD. If you don’t, you pay $13CAD/month.

I don’t know how much you are planning to make, but either way, you’ll be paying less if you fork over about $20USD/yr at premium, it works with all the latest software.

Or you could go for the “I am special” plan in SnipCart and pay for it, but you have to contact them for custom plans.

hope this helps

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I know, right!

I agree. But thanks for bringing it up.

Ah, these weird pricing plans. I would rather pay for hosting and get the best software :slight_smile:

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A quick Google search shows LiteCart presenting itself as a lightweight option. It seems pretty simple and the system requirements are really light. It should even be in Softaculous if you want to give it a try!

I already found that one. Each addon (Like Coupon Codes, Stripe Integration, etc) costs extra (Like $50 extra each). Unfortunately, that one is out. Thanks for bringing it up though.

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