E107 admin password wrong


I’m getting an error stating that: “Your login details don’t match any registered user. Check if you have the CAPS-LOCK key activated, as logins on this site are case sensitive.”

I’m sure of the login/password because I’ve writed it down to prevent this type of situation…

e107 admin user: admin
e107 admin password: K7Yi&V@m0IHIPNO

Can you please help me?

Best regards,
Aníbal Leite

I found this post over at e107, it might be worth trying but save your current password hash first just in case https://www.e107help.org/4008/lost-admin-details or maybe wait until admin replys to this thread

"You will have to reset your password manually using phpMyAdmin or another similar MySQL manager. Go to the users table, the main admin should be user number 1. Click on the edit button and change the password to 4cb9c8a8048fd02294477fcb1a41191a, this will change your password to changeme.

May not work depending on the password encryption settings."

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Hi lovebug,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Tried it but didn’t work.

Thank you anyway.

Best regards,
Aníbal Leite

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