Is there any option to create a e-mail account in the free version of InfinityFree

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Scammers have been abusing the free email service. You now need to upgrade your account to premium hosting to create email accounts.


But there isn’t any possibility anymore?

No, however if you manually setup your domain on cloudflare.com you will gain access to all of your sites dns records. After that goto migadu.com and register a new account.


That’s not actually the reason the email service was disabled. It says because of “spam”, not because of scammers. Spam email caused problems with email deliverability. This, combined with other issues, meant the email service was basically unusable for most purposes, and basically a waste of time for everyone involved.

Trust me, you’re not losing out on features here. We’re just saving you time instead of baiting you with a broken service.


But i want a free email service and there’s no available now, this was the only one that worked a little bit

You can still use an external Email service provider like Zoho which has a free plan.


Yeah but i have a free .ga domain and Zoho doesn’t accept that

I didn’t know Zoho does not accept free domains anymore. Seems like they don’t accept them anymore because free domains are often abused by people.

Can you check out this blog article for an alternative:

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Although an email provider like Mailgun may work as a surrogate email forwarding/sending service, many of them require DKIM records to be setup before you can use them, which is not possible on our nameservers.


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