E-Mail Question


is it normal that my emails get in spam right?

Of course it’s not normal that non-spam emails are marked as spam.

Which email provider is marking your messages as spam? And could you try sending a message to https://www.mail-tester.com/ to help diagnose common issues with your email message?

Hey, thanks for your reply!

I was recently testing sending emails to two providers (Google and Yandex.ru)

At G-Mail it showed up as Junk:

At YANDEX, it came normally in the inbox.

Maybe, Gmail uses another spam list than Yandex?
Spam Tester Said, the Server IP is blocked by 4 blacklists (:point_right:t2: Spam Test Result). Maybe that is the reason?

Yes, it looks like mail server blacklisting is causing this issue.

Most email providers don’t disclose which blacklists they use, but it stands to reason that many major email providers (like Google and Yandex) maintain their own blacklists and don’t use public blacklists. Or maybe even use a different detection method entirely.

In any case, the IP address of the mail server has been updated to a new, clean IP address. This should hopefully help ensure that email can go through again.


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