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My username epiz_25574985

I want to open the site as an online store at prestashop and from what I’ve heard, it is impossible to set up an email in free hosting that is necessary to provide the customer with information about the order! Is there any way to remedy this? For now I have a test page and I will not spend money on hosting on the shop itself.
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To have email accounts for free please consider using another email hosting service (Yandex still offers a free tier for free domains from Freenom and paid TLDs too; Zoho and Migadu offer it for paid TLDs only).


But I need mail for sending a order confirmation on my website.

But I need mail for order confirmation on my website

Will the customer automatically receive an order confirmation then?

You can use mail() function, it just heavily restricted. Use a popular template and it should work.

Is it possible to connect yandex mail to my IF page?

Could you describe exactly what needs to be done? Will PrestaShop do everything for me and create an email?

I am not too sure regarding the mail() function. You might need to do trial and error. For yandex mail, see this: MX Records doesn't works - #4 by Ergastolator1

Are you using Woocommerce from Wordpress? If yes, there’s an option on it that you can send a order confirmation using your own domain or custom mail from yandex or zoho.

Edit: I didn’t see that you use Prestashop, my bad.

Thank you all for your help!
I found the option to configure the email on PrestaShop (probably also exists in other CMS) to configure the external mail. Topic can be closed
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