Duplicated main website root


I have recently reactivated my InfinityFree hosting account. However, when I re-added the Addon Domain, it created a new folder in the website files manager. It looks like this:

When I try to access the main website URL it only shows the directory listing page and nothing more.

The subdomains also don’t exist.

I would reset the whole thing if there would be any option to do so. Any ideas how to fix it?

My website URL; anonymous-systems.xyz
My account username:; epiz_31240381

  1. delete the domain from your account
  2. Delete the hosting account
  3. Create a new hosting account
  4. Add the domain to your new account
  5. Add the files to the new account

Whenever you add a new domain to your account, a new folder is added for it. However, if you delete a domain, the folder is not deleted due to a permissions issue.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


I did and now when you try accessing the website it shows the account suspended thing.

Check your client area.

Check for what though? I have deactivated the broken account and created a new one. Still, whenever you try to access the website it will just redirect you to the iFastnet.com website (default redirect for deactivated accounts).

Have you added the domain to the new account and uploaded the files? You may want to clear your cache, or follow the article below.


Yep. I’ve uploaded the files again. Now, after a few minutes, instead of redirecting me it just displays a 404 page for no reason:

I have tried to open the website in several browsers and Incognito tabs to the cache wouldn’t be a problem.

Any idea why this 404 page shows up right on the main page? It shows on every page of the website I try to access.

Its working just fine for me! Please clear your cache.


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