Duplicate Files

URL Of My Site https://mymoviejunction.xyz/

A few hours ago I was trying to update my wordpress to 5.5 but it crashed.
When i checked, it showed fatal error.
In the end i was able to get it working by copying files from upgrade folder of my wordpres.
But this resulted in me having a copy of all the file.
Now i am scared that deleting them would result in some error again but it might leave my site vulnerable to leave these files alone.
So, can you tel me what should I do.

It seems your website is fine

btw, Please remove that content ^^^
That content violates our TOS

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@Kush00 Please remove the content or else @Admin will need to suspend it.

@Admin you are needed here…

@admin I didn’t know about that so I am removing them.
So don’t suspend my account.

Though those were just links to the tamilrockers.ws site.
I was just try to see how website works in lockdown.

Even That is banned/violates Infinityfree ToS

Also, You cannot ‘ping’ or tag admin, Admin will come when he comes.

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