Dumb Question: Getting index.html working

I’ve been trying to set up an index page for my site, but I’m quite new to the world of websites and I am unsure what to do. Previous hosts I’ve used only required me to name a html file “index.html” in a specific folder and it did the work for me, but I’m not sure what to do here.

I apologize if this is a really stupid question, but I’m stumped!

Hello @goatboat

We will be able to help you out even with very dumb questions :slight_smile:

We are not very much different from other hosts.

It’s pretty much the same like at other hosts. All the content that is visible by web browser can be found on htdocs directory. Basically go to File Manager and find directory named htdocs. If you picked our free sub-domain then htdocs directory is where you create/put index.html file. All you have to do is have index.html file prepared then you just upload it to htdocs directory.

And if you add additional domains or create new domains then you can upload the files on their htdocs folders.

For example you added a domain named http://example.com then you would need to find folder called example.com and it would have child folder named Htdocs.

But if you want to upload your index.html file to the default sub-domain that you got from us just upload it to htdocs folder in File Manager.

If you have any more questions do not be afraid to ask.

Happy to help,


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Thanks for the quick response!

I placed the index.html in there, but rather than it showing up, it only displays the “Congratulations! Your website is up and running.” rather than the index.

Hello again @goatboat.

Are you sure that you have deleted index2.html?

Check if there is one called that in your htdocs folder and then delete it and try to visit your website again.

Tell me if it works or if it not works.

Have fun!


It only contains “Index.html”. No index2 or anything else.

Hello again @goatboat.

Could you please give me link of your website so i can take look at it?

http://k1k3st3w.rf.gd/ here you go!

Hello, yet again @goatboat.

Your website is working up fine for me and showing up red letters: This is just a test and it also shows up for me Splashing blood GIF. Are you still having issues with seeing your real index.html?

If you are having any further problems do not be afraid to ask.

Have fun,


It seems to be an unfortunate issue with Firefox, as I can view it fine with Chrome. That’s a bit unfortunate, since I’m most familiar with FIrefox, but at least it works.

It sounds like a caching issue. Can you please try to clear your browser cache and see if that fixes the site for you?

Thank you for the help, clearing the cache fixed everything.