Dumb question about cloudflare?

sorry this might be a really dumb question but

if a free infinityfree website needs at least 5 visits per month to prevent being deleted and the site is linked to cloudflare with cache all files enabled does that mean the site will not get any traffic at all and could be deleted ?

sorry im unclear about this one and dont really have an understanding of how things work

Well you can put a simple PHP script (like just echoing a microtime()) on your site and request it 5 times per month. This should work because Cloudflare shouldn’t cache a dynamic script.


ok interesting so it looks like a flat html site could get deleted under these conditions

lucky that my index is a php then :smiley:

thanks for this information, something to keep in mind when making a new site


Cloudflare sometimes checks the origin every 2 hours to see if there are newer versions of the files!

besides, don’t look at Cloudflare as if it’s your hosting.
Even if you have “cache all” a lot of times it will happen that CF asks for a file from the origin.

I have cache all for years and there has never been a need for some extra action in the sense that you should be afraid of suspension due to inactivity.


I highly doubt that. I don’t think Cloudflare can tell whether the HTML content returned by your hosting account is generated by a PHP script or not.

Also, it should be noted that almost all caching system work with some kind of eviction principle. There is only so much cached data that can be stored at Cloudflare’s edge network. If there is some data that’s not being used, it’s removed to make space for data that is being accessed.

So while Cloudflare’s cache does work for one visitor visiting a few pages, the next visit a few days later is unlikely to be served straight from cache, because why would Cloudflare keep content for so long.


@Admin thanks for that information

I did worry because I set a custom page rule for 1 month cache

but as my index is php its not an issue anyway

sorry for my lack of understanding of the inner workings of the system

and thanks again to everyone for the help :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


If you tell Cloudflare to cache everything, then I think the output of your PHP script will also be cached. By default Cloudflare doesn’t cache HTML content, because it’s often dynamic.

But if you’re worrying about not generating enough traffic on the sever, you could also choose to reduce the Edge Cache TTL to make sure the cache expires more quickly and you’ll get more hits.


@Admin thanks i’ll do that :smiley:

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