My website URL is www.031vinemedia.co.za:
created from Godaddy. I have checked all relevant and similar topics to this but no help out of all. I have contacted Godaddy and they advised me to contact infinityfree since the process of setting nameserver is stuck in the middle.

What I’m seeing is: Login to your account - InfinityFree

Godaddy Domain

Hi I need help with DSN nameserver settings, I have set my nameserver with Godaddy to point my domain to Infinityfree account but it’s been 8 days now repeating the same process and it keeps on failing.

Maybe the topic template should be clarified. “What I’m seeing” is not supposed to be a URL our client area, but rather a description of the error you see. For example, I see a completely white when visiting 031vinemedia.co.za. Is that what you see as well?

This issue is caused by that fact that your domain name is using Go Daddy’s nameservers right now. Last time I checked Go Daddy’s panel, the nameserver settings where under Domain Details, not the DNS settings (where you would expect them). But you should check with Go Daddy how you actually set custom nameservers.

Thank you Admin.

This are my settings, are they correct?

Yes, those are the nameservers you should be using, but not the nameservers which are in use right now. Your domain name is currently pointing to ns11.domaincontrol.com and ns12.domaincontrol.com, which are Go Daddy’s nameservers.

Thank you, Hope they resolve this finally. Had 5hours and 30min trying to get their default settings not adding to my custom settings. I will wait while they are processing the changes.

Just to mention, I’m very happy of your services and this was my first time experience contacting support team and I’m impressed. Hope I will upgrade in the future and explore more.

Hi Admin, I was finally able to get through the whole process, but now I have mistakenly created a new account instead of adding the new domain to my existing account. Is there a special way to reverse this process, I read somewhere and it talks of deactivating account by removing domain from add-on, alias and so on. But this account was mistakenly created and it has nothing in it.

Thank you.

Even an account which is newly created has something in it: one Addon Domain with a default landing page on it.

If you want to move a domain from one account to another, you need to go into the control panel and remove the domain which was added to it when the account was created.

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