Download stuck at 9.6mb

I want to backup my site using all in one WP migration… But my download is stuck at 9.6mb…
Many other users faced the same problem and solved the problem too … and the admin responded to use FTP to backup… idk how to do that can anyone tell how to backup using FTP in infinity free and how @PlanetGamingGG backed up using plugin(no issue if the method is slow)

Backup plugins pretty much doesn’t work here, as mostly the size is over 10MB, and if it’s stuck downloading, that means the backup file is automatically deleted.

but the guy mentioned in my post, did a backup of the website and said that it is a slow method… I have no problem if the method is slow but it should work… and admin told in that post to backup using ftp…
So i need to learn

  1. How to backup using ftp
  2. how to backup using plugin(planetgamingGG did a backup using this method)

Use this

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  • You need to login to ftp, using filezilla (recommended) or any other with your ftp credentials provided in the client area.
  • Go to the htdocs folder and select all, and then drag and drop the files on any folder on the other side of the application. It should start downloading files.
  • Go to phpmyadmin, select your database, go to export section and select export format as .sql of any other. Click on GO then. Your db should be downloaded.

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