download page automaticly redirects to '403 Forbidden'

My downloads page ( redirects to ‘403 Forbidden’ ( Please help me I don’t know what is causing this.

Well, I don’t know what’s causing it either because your website is working fine from here. Could it be that your website code returns a 403 response?

It was working fine before my site got taken down.

Also i made all the error pages redirect to my coming soon page.

I just found out what is causing the 403. This header('Location:'); For some reason my application (that i coded in C# (it’s not a virus VirusTotal)) Is blocked from accessing. If you could, please don’t block any of my applications, and unblock my fake steam key generator.

<?php if($_GET['app'] == 1) {// 1 = steamkeygen 2 = simple notepad $counter = '/apps/SteamKey.txt'; $number = file_get_contents($counter); // read count file $number++; // increment count by 1 $fh = fopen($counter, 'w'); // open count file for writing fwrite($fh, $number); // write new count to count file fclose($fh); // close count file $counter2 = '/apps/total.txt'; // text file to store download count - create manually and put a 0 (zero) in it to begin the count $number2 = file_get_contents($counter2); // read count file $number2++; // increment count by 1 $fh2 = fopen($counter2, 'w'); // open count file for writing fwrite($fh2, $number2); // write new count to count file fclose($fh2); // close count file $download = ''; // the link to your download file header('Location: $download'); } ?>

.exe files are blocked on our servers for security reasons. You could instead use a download link on an external file sharing service like Mediafire or you could zip it and share the compressed archive.

Ok thank you.