Download of file consistently stops at 9MB

I created a ~32MB file for testing, and would like to download it again (since it’s not on my other PC)
Instead of getting the file, it downloads like normal until 9MB or so, and then stops. (it’s been consistent in how it stops, as if the server fails to read the rest of the file). This happened despite using a completely different device to download it, and a stable internet connection on both devices, and multiple retries (I could download 1GB+ files from other servers without issue, and even other files from the server)

How do I fix this?

Website URL

TLDR: Me checking the file’s existence:
I’ve checked filesize() to see if the file really exists, or is just a single fragment, but it shows 31999968 bytes as expected. I checked the file’s MD5 and it matches what it was supposed to be, so it has to fully exist on the server and be 100% readable.

Hello. Our servers have a 10MB file size limit, so this is why you can’t upload/download a bigger file. Read this for more info:


Ahh, I was thinking about the 10MB limit briefly, but it triggered at 8.9 and 9.3MB respectively, and sometimes didn’t trigger.

I’ll probably split the file into 5MB chunks and download / reassemble them.


PS: Fast reply :slight_smile:

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