Download files

Hey @Admin
Can I get my files downloaded the whole htdocs pls
Cause the one infinity free provides is basically useless cause can’t zip and download files

We don’t provide backups for you.

Using a desktop FTP client like FileZilla, you can download your htdocs folder to your computer


Yeah I was told this before but it always gives some corrupt files and some won’t download

Then just retry the failed files? FileZilla has an option for that where you can just do that.

Backing up with FTP is the only option we provided. We’re not going to manually create backups for you, especially when you have access to the files yourself. We already give you hosting for free, we’re not going to manage your website for you.


Some are corrupted again and again

I understand you have work and I thank you for giving free hosting but maybe give a better file manager? Please

Are you sure the files aren’t corrupt on your account? Do they look better if you download those files through the file manager? Because if files corrupt after multiple download attempts but others don’t, it’s usually not the download process that’s the issue.

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I compared both the downloaded from the file manager and the FileZilla one , file manager one is ok

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