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In attempting to download a backup of the website to my local pc, I receive a “Failed - network error” message.

Need to know if InfinityFree can temporarily increase the resources quota for my account so I can download the file. Thank you!

Please provide ftp logs


@KangJL Unfortunately, debug mode in FileZilla was not helpful in order to prevent issues from the source server. How do I request to temporarily increase the resources quota for my account so that we will be able to download the backup? It will be very helpful, since the root of the issue is the low speed of the source server (InfinityFree).

Please share the error message here, we have dealt with a lot of these types of issues in the past and can point you in the right direction.

Your account does not have an FTP quota, it’s more or less unlimited. So that is not what the issue is.

How do you know its not your internet connection? If you are getting a network error, that is generally a client error, not a server error, especially since the server is working fine for everyone else.


I can normally download 600mb of backup in 10 min. If you find that slow, look for other hosting

I heard downloading from mobile device or android has a better perform.
So maybe there is an ftp client work fine as filezilla windows did.

@Greenreader9 because it’s not just me having the issue. It’s the hosting service Namecheap’s customer support AND I’m 110% certain they know what they’re talking about.

@KangJL I am happy for you that you “can normally download 600mb in 10 min”. That doesn’t address the issue that Namecheap customer support is having. They are the ones attempting to migrate our website.

So again I ask, how do I request to temporarily increase the resources quota for my account so that we (specifically Namecheap) will be able to download the backup?

You can’t. I believe Namecheap is trying to trying to create backup using a plugin, which sadly does not work on free hosting.

Below is the correct way to do it

If they still insist on doing it their way, good luck!


Why would that be right? Desktops are much faster, and have a lot better performance. And if your desktop is wired directly to your router, it will be much faster.

I don’t know where you got that information from, but that’s not right.

I don’t understand how NameCheap can know how our system works. We know how our system works, we help people with it daily.


it could be better if you have wireless 4G or above internet provider network design. And with google support on android device.

I’m so confused about what you’re saying… My 4G phone (on cellular data) gets 30Mbps down and my wired computer gets 230Mbps down, a 200Mbps increase from the phone… Plus, desktops are more reliable, have better storage, more support for lower-level network applications, etc. I don’t know why you’re trying to promote using the phone over the computer, it just doesn’t make sense IMO.

You mean the Google app? That’s also available for iPhone, and in my experience has the same capabilities as Google’s website.

I’m not trying to criticize you, just trying to understand where you’re coming from, because I’m having trouble.

If they provide you with a backup from a plugin, most plugin provide archives (.zip or .tar.*z) with the files and databases in the archive (tested with BackWPup). Then, you can extract the archive, upload the files via FTP to our service, and restore the database using phpMyAdmin.


Ehm, what does NameCheap have to do with this? You’re backing up your website with us, aren’t you?

And do you really think that NameCheap knows our hosting better than we do?

There is no resource quota we can increase. Both FTP and the file manager can go as fast as they are technically capable of. Which in the case of the file manager means that it cannot be used to download a backup of your website. But just because the file manager isn’t omnipotent doesn’t mean we’re restricting it on purpose.

If you want NameCheap’s support to backup your website, they can do that over FTP, which has basically no limits.


@Admin So please tell me then why is our website receiving this error. “There has been a critical error on this website.” It’s been happening periodically for a while now.

If we weren’t getting that then I never would’ve looked into switching our hosting in the first place.


Take note of

and this

as well


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