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I am very new to InfinityFree and unfortunately, I do not know how to download a COMPLETE BACKUP of my website in case something bad happens. How do I download a complete backup of my website?

UPDATE: I have tried to download the files through an FTP client. However, some files are not being successfully downloaded, leaving me with only a partial backup. How do you fix this?

If I must, then I will have to do the backup on a different network after my vacation is over… :frowning:

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Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It is possible that the server rejected you because of the inactivity.
Also depends on which FTP client you use.

It is best to select the entire htdocs folder to download and of course if you use WIFI to be in range of router

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With FileZilla, you can check the Failed Transfers list, right click in the list and click a button which says “Retry All” or something like that. That should allow the files to be transferred.


thanks admin!

BTW admin, how do you do the box that quotes my text:

Highlight the text you want to highlight and click on “Quote”.

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