Double SSL certificate?!

I inadvertently activated double SSL certificate and now my website is not secure? Even though they are active, my browser won’t let me access my website, it says that it is possible that they are trying to hack me, is that normal or could it be another cause? or is it because I changed some files in htdocs, (the index.html)

If you want assistance, you need to fill out the template. What is your URL?

Also, it’s not possible to activate multiple certificates in one doing at a time. What happens is that the first certificate is removed, and replaced with the second.


The only thing that is clear here is that I am a fool :joy: sorry for the inconvenience, apparently it was “magically” fixed. I really don’t understand what happened, I just re-uploaded my index.html file and it was fixed, thanks for bothering to try and help me! :wink:

my site is

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