Don't see my site

Fiz a criação da conta, fiz o upload doas aquivos, a esperei o prazo de 72 horas, e quando tento acesso eu vejo a imagem agora.
Apos esses passo que ja fiz, eu preciso de configurar alguma coisa a mais, o meu site não tem PHP.

can you please speak in English next time?

I created the account, uploaded the files, waited for it within 72 hours, and when I try to access I see the image now.
After these steps I’ve done, I need to configure something more, my site has no PHP.

For me it shows the advertisment page. probably It’ll take up to 72 hours to work for me.

You should create an index.php file in the directory that you see and put these into this file:


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Omeu website não tem arquivos PHP, apenas html e css

I see the advertising page too. But that’s not caused by DNS propagation or a system issue, but because the domain name was removed from the hosting account. If you want to be able to upload a website to the domain again, please add the domain name to your account first using the Subdomains section in the control panel.


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