Has big differences in .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf or .gq available in freenom compared paid domains equals .com for CEO ???.

First of all, .tk domains are not allowed on free hosting due to abuse in the past.
Generally, it seems that Freenom domains are penalized in results (at least by Google).
Freenom domains are great if you don’t have any money to spare, but every so often Freenom will cancel your domain and then tell you that you must pay for it. This can become a real problem (speaking from experience).

Generally speaking, a paid domain (whether that be .com, .org, .net, etc) will rank better or at least not be penalized to the extent that Freemon domains are (by Google). You will also not have to worry about your domain being cancelled randomly (if you use a notable provider, such as NameSilo). Plus, when people recognize the TLD (like .com), they are more likely to trust it.

If you can’t spare USD 10/year for a domain, is also a good provider. They will offer your domain for free for life, however, you must register under one of their namespaces. Eu.​org is considered Top-Level, so you can use a domain from them with our hosting (and Cloudflare).

Overall, though, I would suggest that if you are serious about starting something (like an online business, not just a hobby) that you go with a paid domain. (Again, we suggest NameSilo as a good registrar).


Freenom domains may start out as being flagged as spam or penalized by google when you 1st make them but you can have the penalties removed through the google search console.

This is not true. I believe that in Google’s eyes Freenom domains begin with suspicion and can earn a reputation, but will still be watched closely by Google’s bots. Even though I know this somewhat contradicts my statement below, I think it is the best bet.

This, again, is not true. Of my Freenom domains that I’ve added to GSC, I believe they are all still penalized, maybe to a lesser extent though. AFAIK (and IMO) there’s no way to circumvent the penalizations that Google employs on Freenom domains. This is ultimately why it is better to just go with a paid domain.

Overall, I guess @Namefree’s answer is on the right track, but it’s missing important details and has some holes as well.


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