Domains or accounts disabled

How can I remove domains or accounts disabled from my account list?
Because it becomes a bit uncomfortable to have the domains or accounts that you will no longer occupy the list …

Any way I can remove them from my list of activated accounts?

You want to delete closed accounts from the accounts list? That’s not possible I’m afraid.

The only time accounts are removed from the list completely is when the accounts are fully deleted. This will only happen after they have been inactive for some time. It’s not possible to fully delete accounts yourself, because we are required to keep them for some time should their contents be needed in a criminal investigation.

The other way would be to remove accounts from the list without fully deleting them. We allowed something like this for a time. However, any domains names still linked to account will remain linked to the account until it’s fully deleted, which many people didn’t know or understand. Because of this, we had to help people every day who “deleted” their accounts but wanted to reuse the domain. Because they could no longer access those accounts, we had to spend a lot of time to do this for them.

We don’t allow people to remove their accounts because many people deleted their accounts without considering the consequences.