Domainname suspended

My free domainname got suspended bcs i’ve used a lot of the resources, in 24 hours it will be active again since this is completety free now I understand this but the thing i don’t understand is why can’t i transfer my website to a paid hosting service? they give you that option and tell you should go to IFast to transfer it but first of all it doesn’t recognize my domainname because it has been taken down and second they ask for EPP / Auth code… Now how do I transfer it with no acces to my host? Can anyone help me because I was working on an important job that has to be done very soon, I can’t wait 24 hours to transfer it and I would like to do it as quick as possible, its no problem for me to get a paid service just need a solution to this problem that works for my webserver hosted on infinityfree and free domainname ?
Cant i just pay you guys to get unlimited resources?


You can upgrade to iFastNet premium and then open up a ticket on and ask them to transfer data from your free account


Thanks for your quick reply, I will try it right now

I got premium… just opened a ticket how long do you think before they will solve this issue?
I wish i could do it within a flew clicks because i’m working on a project that has to be done very soon

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They usually reply in less than 8h.

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