Domain trouble

Username epiz_25086733

Hi Everyone!
I bought a URL from I wast hosting through I was having some serious difficulty setting up a personal email address, so I opted to upgrade. I did not know that this would change me to ifastnet.

When I go into my infinityfree account, and try to edit my index.html, my website ( does not update. Is this because of the upgrade? I feel really foolish, but I don’t understand where my actual homepage is hosted.

I can edit or add and subpage (ie I just edited

I want it to be that when I alter index.html in infinityfree, that my website updates. I feel so dumb. What am I missing?



It says test test test
Why isn’t thhis the home page ?
Is this correct?

Wait, that’s what you see when you go to ?

That would be fantastic!

yes i see it
try restarting your browser or clearing your cahce.



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