Domain Transfer not working even after 72 hours

Hi, I created a WordPress site and transferred my domain name from Go daddy to Infinity free. However, it is still not working after 72 hours. The site says this site cant’ provide a secure connection.
I did make sure name servers are pointed to infinity free account

Infinity free site:
Domain transferred from Go Daddy:

Any help is appreciated

If it says "

", that means it can’t establish a secure connection.
Try accessing your website without https. (

InfinityFree offers free SSL certificates if you would like to access your site securely.


Thank you for quick response. I tried per your suggestion it still does not work

Thank you

This is the process on how to get free SSL on InfinityFree. Please make sure to go through the process COMPLETELY:

I see you’ve already done step 1 and 2. Please complete step 3 and 4 as well to solve this error.


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