domain TK

Why not register TK domains hosted ???

Hello @Igisimbaev. Unfortunately .tk domains are not supported on our system because they have bad reputation. FreeNom has been known to place ADs on your site after your site gets famous. We are simply protecting our hosting users from posibble unpleasing experiences. However other FreeNom, free domains like .ga are supported. So try to register .ga domain or .cf, i suppose you are using FreeNom.

Then add your .ga or other FreeNom domain to your hosting account. You can also buy real domain name like .com, .net or .org from our XVHost Premium Hosting domains page. We have good domain management panel and cheap domains.

thats if you allow them to. i have used .tk domains for about a few years now. i have had successful with them with no ads. also the user can ask them to remove them to. there is a option to remove the ad option off. some dont realize you can but there is a option.

tho it sad that this happened.

Maybe you can use .ml i’m using it,it work just fine for me