domain suspended


My domain got suspended. My domain name I was hosting it in infinityfree. I was facing some problem so I think close the account host it to profreehost. But all there server are from iFastnet. Being frustrated I again host from awardspace and freehosing but the result is same.

Now I need to unsunpended it. I want it host from freehosting.

Please advice me. I just did something foolish.

Thanks in advance


My domain got suspended and redirecting to Special offer and Discount Coupon.
Thanks in advance

You need to wait 24 hrs to have it unsuspended, the count starts from the point where your site had reached its limit.

This is most free hosting strategy where you can’t excessively use the resource. It’s either CPU/daily limit, or bandwidth, or both unlimited but using their subdomain and limited access to server (say

Even premium (shared) hosting still throttling I/O processes these days (more traffic, more slower).

Also enough information about suspension is in your client area, check it out

The URL you’re being redirected to is a bit misleading, because there are other reasons why you might be redirected there as well. All of those reasons have been described here: