Domain Susopentions

Royal Prints India (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website

I understand that this is free hosting but i dont understand suspension of my domain. In this case how should I make sure this will not happen.

Suspended domain

I try to do my research. I could not understand the reason for my domain suspension. What if i Have visitors for my site.

Any help or suggetions are welcome

This experience make me think twice before you start doing anything with this free hosting.

Hello, Welcome to the community!

But there could be a number of reasons your site is suspended, this should be partly outlined in the client area, and I assume as it says, open a support ticket, and find out why, However if for say, SQL or Hits limits, it will be reactivated after 24 Hours

However if it was suspended for abuse as i recently learned, you will have to manually open a support ticket and see if you can get it reacivated

Basically, Open a support ticket and check why, And it is very common to get suspended when first hosting, as you are trying out your new site, and seeing what works.

What do you see in the client area as the reason for the suspension? Are there any links to more information or instructions on how to acquire such information?

It shows up fine. Please read this before posting that your “site is suspended”.


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