Domain/Subdomain Question

Hi, I already have my own domain and handle my own DNS. I want to point just 1 subdomain at my account here, what settings would I need for that?


If you want to add a subdomain to your website here, you need to use the Subdomains section in Control panel

If you’re using our nameservers, the DNS records for subdomains are automatically created when you create the subdomain.

However, with custom nameservers, you need to manually create the appropriate DNS records

example ( Cloudflare )
Create an A-record for your subdomain pointing to the same IP address as the root domain in Cloudflare. Wait for DNS to propagate and your subdomain should be working fine then.

If the main domain itself is already hosted with us, the information of @Oxy should help.

If the domain isn’t hosted with us, it makes everything a lot harder, because it’s not really supported.

What you could try is to add the domain name to your account here as usual, and setup the subdomain through the Subdomains menu. After that, you can move the main domain back to wherever it was hosted before. Just make sure to not delete the domain from your account, or you won’t be able to create more subdomains.

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