Domain Stress

Is this a domain.
Or a sub domain.
Or a custom domain? is a free TLD (Top Level Domain) and the only available while you searched for “net1”. So it’s a domain, but if you point it to the nameservers,,, and it will be available as a Custom Domain for you to add on a new account on InfinityFree.

will NET1. GA
BLOCK a ssl certificate?

No, it won’t with Cloudflare enabled.

Will this New domain on cloudflare increase server speeds?

It may slow down the TTFB (Time To First Byte), but the speeds will be improved if you add caching on all the files. I can also suggest you to add it on a server that has a fast IP.

You said that sub domains
Ged blocked for ssl certificate
So why post this?

I want to correct:

Subdomains on InfinityFree automatically get a self-signed SSL certificate, not a valid one. But subdomains on other providers other than InfinityFree have a valid SSL certificate.

This makes no sense?

Your either pregnant
Or your not pregnant

I’m not any of these two. But I see that InfinityFree subdomains and domains added there automatically get a self-signed certificate.

But when i try and create a cloudflare or ssl certificate
You tell me No
Because im using a sub domain

This Is Madness

I can’t tell you things, only the system tells them. And note that Cloudflare is only available for domains, not subdomains!

To clarify a few points about SSL:

All domains on InfinityFree (custom domains and subdomains) get an SSL certificate installed by default. However, this is a self signed SSL certificate. This means that the certificate will encrypt the connection, but browsers will show a big red warning page to warn about a possibly insecure connection.

To fix this, you will need a valid SSL certificate which your visitors can use to connect to your website. There are two ways you can get a valid SSL certificate:

  • You can acquire an SSL certificate from a recognized SSL provider and install it on your hosting account.
  • You can put another service in front of your website which can provide the trusted SSL to your visitors and use the default certificate in the background. That’s basically what Cloudflare does.

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