Domain still pointing towards parked page

I have pointed my domain to epizy nameservers.
As my control panel has been setup and I have installed wordpress on this domain.
SSL is also installed successfully.
But when I try to login to wordpress admin through this link, this doesn’t open up wordpress admin. instead it goes to a parking page of bodis. (Please find the attached screenshot)
But I haven’t placed this domain to any domain selling website.
Can you please look into this and help resolve the issue as I am in urgent of developing a website under this domain?
Thank you.

Using dig, I see the BODIS record:
Please remove your domain from your account and add it back in.
You can see below how to do that:

After you do this process, your root folder will change from htdocs to


Hi, I just want to say Thank You So Much.
This solution worked !! I removed the domain and added it again and it worked very well.

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