Domain refused to connect doesnt work

the error is it refused to connect.
i am wondering if its a problem on infinity hosting side, or on my side.

i have the nameservers setup and it has been over 72 hours since the accounts were registered.
my other domain works perfectly fine.
please explain to me what the issue is!

It works fine from my side


Did you install SSL for it? I dun think so…

Use the infinityfree SSL tool


from my end, it just says refused connection???
also, how do you use the SSL tool?

Pls read…

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If so, that sounds like a network restriction on your end, which is not something we can fix. Unfortunately, some overzealous network administrators and virus scanners see a few bad sites on our service which slipped our nets and choose to “protect” their users by blocking access to millions of legitimate websites.

Can you try from a different device or network and see if that helps?


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