Domain redirects


Hi, i did domain redirect from my basic domain into new one which i bought, but now when i try to open this domain its shows me some website with Directory listing which i do not know what to do.
Can i just redirect my website to new domain?

Please fill up according to template.
What are the urls that you are trying?


from into

Im newbie so go gentle on me please.

First correct that this leads to
and not to (this domain does not exist)

then add all the necessary files to the directory of (it is currently empty)


find with FTP client directory of that domain (it starts with domain name) and inside you have a htdocs folder where you put your files


How can i find these docs? when i try to log in through File manager i can not login, should i use as host : or that ip?
I am getting error :


Error Ftp authentication failed.

Does anyone know how to fix that? i can not even log into FileZilla with these, but all requirements like pw, username, host, i checked many times and it is correct.

Please try using FileZilla.


There is a problem too, when i try to log into FileZilla im getting : Connection timed out after 20 second inactivity.

That’s normal, our FTP servers are pretty aggressive with disabling inactive sessions. Try connecting then uploading a file.



Never take a screenshot of monstaFTP so that it contains the address bar
in that way, anyone can get into your FTP
I edited your screenshots so that it does not contain the upper part where the address is.


Thank you,
Do you have experience with filezilla? i tried everything and i am gettin error : Etimedout, or Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity. I am lost, i tried everything.


Try login into the control panel first

see why:

You can also try monstaFTP after that (only it is not for uploading a lot of files)
but you can see if you see files etc. on the hosting
and whether the login to FTP was successful

If you think that something is wrong with filezilla, then send us the full log

if it says in the log that “you should be faster next time”, then everything is probably fine, but the server kicked you out due to inactivity.


Now its working in MonstaFTP somehow, i can log my files, so how can i transfer them into new domain file space? i tried to copy and paste but this is not working.

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btw. there Docs are a lot of helpful tutorials here, so use them when you need

I see that you have a redirect loop here
maybe due to incomplete files, or the configuration or .htaccess file is at fault


yes, i tried to remove .htaccess but still same, im trying to figure it out, im new in this so this is kinda pain for me, haha.

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Could you tell us what kind of website you have?
Is it WordPress, some forum or ordinary HTML ?

I ask this because it is not enough to just upload files if it is a dynamic page
but it should also be connected to the database and other configurations to reflect the new address, etc.

Just take it easy and try to understand what you are doing first
then consult online,
and then you go do something.

Of course, it is always convenient to have a backup on a local PC.

I’m going offline now, but someone else will help you - Good luck


Wordpress basic website, with 3 products and payment processing.

then edit the base URL to (config file for
so the new address is entered

because probably when you get to

htaccess (or config file) says it’s the right address (but wrong)
because it reads the copied config file from the old address
and when it comes to it…it redirects to

and an infinite loop

I just guessing what the problem might be :slight_smile:
you are a webmaster and you must know what you see and what you do


I am lost now i can not log into wordpress now to change the url.

No need to do that.
You can do it this way as well