Domain redirects to 404 (Total Mess)

Hi everybody i just made a complete mess with my hosting.
Yesterday I opened a new hosting account directly linking my custom domain: then set it up with cloudflare and everything was fine except the response time was ridicolously slow ONLY in that new account linked to the domain.
So i resurrected another older hosting account, hosted in another volume with another IP which with the same exact loads loaded 7x faster, and was very happy with that.
Doing that, I removed the domain from the slow account, changed again nameservers and parked my same domain to this other hosting account, with root folder shared in \htdocs with the previous free .rfgd subdomain.

Since then, i have the same exact problem as this guy down here:

404 we couldn’t find that page.

Trying to troubleshoot the problem, i removed all domains from the account (including the original subdomain and my custom one), adding only the custom domain later.
Now my root folder is no more in \htdocs but in \\htdocs (i hate that) and keeps responding the same 404 page no matter what I do.
Nameservers are correct, custom domain added as only domain,
FTP cpanel and softacolous working perfecly fine.
I don’t think it is DNS or NS related, as last 3 nameserver updates took no more than 1 hour each (registrar>infinity>cloudflare>infinity_old)

How can I manage to get this working?

Also, if some admin wants to fix the subfolder thing (reset my htdocs folder in root and not in \\htdocs i would gladly pay them a coffee.
[Don’t tell me to upgrade to paid subscriptions, i am satisfied with the actual hosting plan and would rather thank for the assistance than from some service I don’t need]

You should have waited up to 72 hours… All you did to “solve” that was unnecessary.
You can do yourself a favor by removing the domain from cpanel, creating a new hosting account and then adding the domain to it.


Sometimes you get lucky with DNS updates, sometimes you don’t. Just because you didn’t have any issues with DNS caching last time doesn’t guarantee you’ll never have them.

For me, Cloudflare DNS is returning the right IP, but Google DNS is not.

It’s not possible. Not for a lifetime supply of coffee. Don’t remove and recreate the domain if you don’t want the directory to change. I don’t like how it works either, but this is how it works. Especially if you don’t understand the issue and don’t know if it will actually fix anything.


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