Domain problem

I have deactivaed my account (Website for because i wana use the domain in another hosting now after i finished in my New hosting the domain still rediracting to your hosting even i changed servernames and dns settings…?? What should i do??

It may take some time to be affected, just because of DNS change and It seems to be moved from infinity free because I’m not able to see i parameter in your URL.
As we all know that infinity free adds an parameter at the end of URL with the name of i=[1,2,3] for security reasons. In your case you’re using I didn’t find any parameter in your URL or any Javascript file with the name of aes.js.

So what should i do now to fix it??

You have to wait upto 24 hours. If this problem not solved after 24 hours then come here.


Its been updated but the problem still not solved :broken_heart:

try to flush your dns cache since your website works fine to me.

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On my hosting or in my pc or in my domain server??


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This applies to both moving to and from InfinityFree or any other hosting provider. It’s just how the internet works.


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