Domain Pointing

For the last time

you cannot host your domain here

If you read the article, you would know that. In fact, the article specifically states that domains don’t work here.

Please buy a different domain name, or find a different hosting provider


good morning
which place do I put the html to appear ads on my site, or can I do this by wordpress

I tried to put it in that folder but it didn’t work, see what it says

You cannot edit index2.html
you can delete it or/and create one of the index files


in this case, do you have to delete this index2.html folder and leave the other one in place?

If you don’t want to see the default welcome page then delete index2.html
and create your index file

Make sure your website has a valid index page

If you link directly to a file on your account (e.g. ), then the specific file will be loaded (about.html in that case). But what happens if you don’t link directly to a file, but to a directory instead (e.g. or just )?

In that case, the server will look for a valid “index file”. An index file is typically file with the name index.php, index.html, index.htm or index2.html. When trying to open a folder, the server will look for one of those files, and open the first one shown here.

If you have set up your website correctly, there should be a file like that directly in the htdocs folder. If not, it will load the index2.html file, which is the welcome page.

Please note that file names on InfinityFree (and almost all hosting providers) are cAsE sEnSiTiVe, so please make sure the file is not called Index.php or index.HTML, as these files will not be loaded.

You can also customize which file is loaded by default using .htaccess rules. By adding a rule like DirectoryIndex home.php index.php index.html, the server will try a home.php file before trying the index.php and index.html files. Learn more about how to add custom .htaccess rules .


I just need you to put this html for the monetization platform to recognize my website, look;

Please do it yourself.
Unlikely to work due to this


Hostinger’s staff did the configuration for me, pointed to my site’s IP here, and this appears, see the print, why?

It does not matter if your domain is pointed to an IP address. You have to set the correct nameserver in order to registrar your domain with our system. If you just point the domain to an IP without registering it, you get the page you are currently seeing.

So once again, you cannot host a domain here due to restrictions by the registry


in this case it would be because it is the free version? if I buy hosting can I put this domain?

It looks like domains won’t work with premium hosting either (See here), but it may be worth contacting and asking them directly.


Yes, that will work. cPanel lets you add domains to your account without having to configure nameservers ahead of time. So you can add the domain to your account first and set the nameservers after, and they will pass the check from the registry because the nameservers are already configured.


Is there a way to place an ad platform on my website, such as the monetag, and after it is approved, I intend to place the adsense ads, is there a way to place it on my website like this?

the problem is that this platform, monetag does not accept a free domain, that’s why I bought a domain, but I couldn’t put it here, because from what I understand the infinityfree platform does not accept a domain, right?
But if I buy a .online domain, will I be able to place the ad platform on my website, and will I be able to place the .online domain on infinityfree?

Can you please help me Adm, my situation is simple, I just wanted to put a personalized domain, but I bought, from what I saw in the community, is not accepted, I wanted to use it in order to monetize my site, with the Monetag platform with you, but it cannot be a free domain, that’s why I bought the, but it doesn’t accept it or can you put it for me? it would help me a lot, because I already broke my head a lot, if there is no way, I would like to know if you accept the .online that I am going to buy to put it on. it helps me domains are not supported here, you can’t use them with this platform at all. If you want to use, you will need to upgrade to premium hosting.

Assuming you buy a .online domain from a provider that does not require DNS checks, you can host a .online domain here. For example, NameSilo and NameCheap domain providers are a good choice to buy the .online domain from. You can use .online domains with both free hosting and premium hosting.


Okay, I already made the note for here, now should I do something here? I bought a .online and changed the server names to and it worked now do you need to do something here or is it already right?

If you connected it to your account, you are ready to go!


still not connected, I just changed the user names, I did it on hostinger, here you don’t need to do anything? just wait for the propagation?