Domain NameServer Changes Issue

I have updated the name servers at my domain name provider a few hours ago, but I am still encountering an error message. I’m starting to get impatient. Could you please tell me approximately how long it typically takes for the changes to take effect?

Error Message

(Your domain is not yet pointing to our nameservers and Please change your nameservers at your domain name provider and wait a few hours for the changes to take effect. You can also create an account with a subdomain first.)

If you need help, please share your domain so that at least we can check.

It usually take several hours, but as all DNS changes, it can take as long as several days.



From what I can see, your domain is OK.

Can you please try again?


Sorry, can I get more information on that? What steps should I follow? Could you please guide me?

I don’t know where got you stuck, because I know that you’ve already get into the step where you’re asked for your own domain. Just redo that step, and please do not assume that the issue will persist and refuse to try.