Domain names and forwarding from lcn

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
error 403 forbidden

I’m using this software:
Chrome browser

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Hi, I have just moved my small website to you and can see it fine at easyaccesssoftware epizy com. However, I want people to be able to see it from easyaccesssoftware co uk which is a domain I own through low cost names . If the lcn nameservers are set to hostnames ns0 lcn com etc (how they were when I had my website hosted elsewhere) with the lcn webforwarding now pointing to easyaccesssoftware epizy com, then if I go to easyaccesssoftware co uk I get an error 403 Forbidden. If I set the lcn nameservers to hostnames ns1 epizy com etc (as infinityfree indicates is necessary), then web forwarding from lcn doesn’t seem to work (they say the nameservers have to be the lcn ones for web forwarding to work) so I still can’t see my web site from easyaccesssoftware co uk. Are there settings I can make at epizy to get things working – lcn said there was nothing they could do at their end. In your knowledge base article which uses NameSilo as an example, there is a similar warning that domain forwarding won’t work if using third party nameservers. Am I using the right nameservers – the knowledge base talks about ns1 byet org rather than ns1 epizy com.

You will have to change the nameservers to only our ones and add the domain from the “Parked Domains” section of the Control Panel in order for your website to work with your paid domain.

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Brilliant - many thanks for your quick help.

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